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Back Office Outsourcing

As part of our back-office outsourcing services, we provide document management and mailroom services. We receive, scan, organize, store, and track every document received. On our proprietary platform, we process, store, and report on data as part of the service. We also deliver the following services to our clients across geographies:


1. Handling documents such as claims for insurance and healthcare, whether standard or non-standard
2. Digitizing and running them through an OCR filter that integrates several specialized tools
3. Converting them into data streams that can be securely stored, searched and retrieved

Our thorough process takes care of variable print quality, overlaid content and other complexities. Our suite of document management and mailroom services (as part of overall data processing) provides near-real-time reports, reconciles inventory through its lifecycle, and even destroys non-critical paper. We can store critical paper for future regulatory and internal audits.

Our based proprietary workflow process includes a unique e-sort application that enables a majority of the sorts to be done remotely. The process provides complete visibility to clients on the status of documents through web-based reports. Once digitized, information can be easily transformed into various output formats including print.Our mailroom operations include print and mail services for policy documents, letters, request acknowledgements, return mail processing, ID cards and custom services.Our proprietary data entry platform utilizes intelligent OCR algorithms and key processes to deliver consistent quality for various document types such as claims, correspondence, enrolment applications.

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First Rite IT Services Pvt. Ltd...., is a IT software and harware Company based at Kolkata, West Bengal, India, providing quality services like Business CRM,Website Designing, Development Hosting, Bulk SMS marketing and Domain Name Registration etc. We believe in developing client focused solutions for solution focused clients.

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